Thank you to all the participants in the

First Virtual McGaugh Elementary


which took place Feb. 19-23.


In case you missed it, you were able to raise $13,000 for McGaugh PTA programs! That includes Imagination Machine, Growing up S.T.E.M. night, the International Culture Club and more! 

PTA wants to thank our beloved custodian, Mr. Ankou and our fantastic Assistant Principal, Mrs. Wood and Principal Dr. Gates for taking part of this event. 

If you haven't checked out Dr. Gates dressing up like a rock star and lip syncing, see the video here. What a fun principal!!


Below are details from this year's Jog-a-thon:  

Be Active! Win Prizes! Raise Funds!

A Jog-a-thon is a fun way to get exercise while raising money for all of the enriching PTA programs we love at McGaugh! The Jog-a-Thon is open to all McGaugh Sea Lions and there will be PRIZES


Here’s how it works: McGaugh students ask family and friends to sponsor them as they embark on a running program over the next few weeks (see training guide here). Then students will take the ultimate test to see how many laps of 1/10th of a mile they can run in 20 minutes! The tests will be done off campus, on student's own time, and reported back to Jog-a-Thon organizers by Feb. 23


How do I get Sponsors? Go to to register in a few simple steps. When you finish registering, the system will prompt you to email pledge requests to potential sponsors such and family and friends. Pledgestar makes it easy for sponsors to make secure donations online with credit cards. You'll get notified each time a pledge is made and will be able to track pledges online! If you have questions about the process, call 1-888-598-7510.


Prizes: Not only will the Jog-a-Thon raise money for PTA programs Sea Lions love, like the International Culture Club, Family Fun Night and more, it will also earn you PRIZES! 

Prizes will be given out for requesting donations and raising money!

Participation and Fundraising Prizes*

    • Raise $30 OR Enter 5 sponsor names and emails at and get a free homework pass* OR prize of your teacher's choosing
    • Raise $50 OR Enter 10 sponsor names and emails and get a free homework pass* plus a McGaugh Spirit item
    • Raise $100 OR Enter 20 sponsor names and emails and get a free homework pass*, McGaugh Spirit item and a gift card to Peachwave Yogurt.
    • Raise $150 OR Enter 25 names and emails and get all of the above plus get to be a Barking Sea Lion (record the daily announcements played on campus) OR get your name on the McGaugh marquee!
    • The grade with the highest level percentage participation will get an extra "Brain Break".

*PLEASE NOTE: The homework pass and other classroom prizes are up to the discretion of teachers. Homework pass does not apply to asynchronous work.

Fundraising Goals:

This is the first year McGaugh is doing a Jog-a-Thon and we're having to do it off-campus during a pandemic, but we still think we can raise plenty of money and have fun doing it! This year we'd like to raise $20,000! We're aiming for the moon and we're enlisting our biggest stars, our Principal and Vice Principal, to help motivate you along the way! 

  • If we raise $2,500 Vice Principal Ms. Wood will spray paint her hair PURPLE
  • If we raise $5,000 ALL students who participated in the Jog-a-thon will be entered in a raffle to win a ride around campus with our beloved custodian Mr. Ankou! (there will be one winner per grade level)
  • If we raise $10,000 Principal Gates will dress up like a Rock Star 🎸 and lip sync on video to a song.
  • If we raise $20,000 Ms. Wood, Dr. Gates and the whole school will have a dress up day voted on by the students! 

PLEASE NOTE: Participation prizes are earned per family. If a family registers multiple students and sends 5-25 emails total, each student will get participation credit.

Where can I practice running 1/10th of a mile laps? You can practice anywhere. That includes on a track, on the green belt in Old Town Seal Beach, on the beach boardwalk or around your neighborhood.


A portion of the blacktop at McGaugh is marked off with a 1/10th of a mile loop.

Students can practice running when the campus is open to the public on weekends and weekdays after school. 



TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: You can track your students' progress on the Pledgestar website. After registering your student, click on the "Enter Joggers" portion of the main page. Click on the book icon under the "Activity Log" to easily enter dates and laps completed. This is how you'll record your number of laps you can run in 20 minutes.




SAFETY FIRST! Remember when running to always stay safe. Wear bright colors and if you're running on sidewalks or in bike lanes, run in the opposite direction of traffic. Don't listen to music so loud that you cannot hear cars or people. You can even keep one ear uncovered to make sure you can hear what's happening around you. 


For information about the Jog-a-Thon, email Jog-a-Thon chair Steve Miller.