Fifth Grade Activities 

for the Class of  




5th Grade Promotion will take place at McGaugh in the auditorium. Please see specific details below around promotion. 



The attire recommendation is collared shirts, long pants, or dresses. If wearing heels, they should not be any higher than one inch and they must have a strap behind the ankle. No flip flops or backless shoes. 



A professional photographer will be there to take a picture of your Sea Lion with their promotion certificate.  They will be available for purchase after the ceremony. Please look for a Parent Square with details. Please do not approach the stage during the ceremony, to take a picture. 


Day of Promotion in the Auditorium - June 4th 9:00am-10:00am

* Students should report to their classroom at the regular 7:55am bell. 

* Parents will be provided 4 tickets per family due to the limited space in the auditorium. Your student will not receive a ticket. The 4 tickets are for guests only. 

* Younger siblings will require a ticket. If you plan on having a sibling attend, you will need to account for them in one of the four tickets provided. 

* Everyone must have a seat, no lap seating, unless under the age of 2. 

* There are no assigned seats.

* There will be no saving of seats for family or friends. All family members must enter at the same time

* The line will start at the auditorium doors and move UP the stairs toward the parking lot.

* The doors will open at 8:40am.

* No balloons or loud noise makers allowed in the auditorium.

* Students will line up right after the ceremony for the clap-out. 

* After the ceremony, parents will be excused to walk up the stairs along the sidewalk towards the pool parking lot. Make a left at the tennis courts. Walk along the tennis courts through the double gate onto campus. Parents will line-up from the baseball field to room 34 for the clap-out. 

*5th graders may leave school after the clap-out

*Siblings should stay at school until the 12:30pm, end of the day, dismissal so they can enjoy their own last day of school.


Every 5th grader will receive a Class of 2024 yearbook for FREE, thanks to the support and fundraising from McGaugh PTA. We ❤️ PTA!


Teachers will distribute the yearbooks to students in class and they will get to sign them on June 3 during the the school day.



Support the Class of 2024 by purchasing

a custom shirt and sweatshirt!






Deadline to Submit Yearbook Photos - March 11

Deadline for Class of 2024 Yard Signs - March 22

Oak & McAuliffe Middle School Socials - May 15

Fifth Grade Awards Ceremony - May 22

Promotion Practice- May 30

Beach Day- May 30

Best Day Ever- May 31

Senior Visits- June 3

5th Grade Carnival- June 3

Fifth Grade Promotion 9:00 AM @ McGaugh - June 4

Annual Clap Out - June 4 (following Promotion 10:15)