McGaugh International Culture Club was founded in 2018 and its mission is to foster diversity and inclusion by providing programs and resources that enhance knowledge and encourage inclusivity of all students.


ICC volunteers do this by integrating cultural lessons into McGaugh students' education by celebrating and highlighting different traditions from around the world.


There is also International Day, one of the most beloved events every year, where students take a trip around the world right on campus, getting their passport stamped as they "visit" different countries to learn about their culture. (Scroll down to see more about International Day).


ICC defines diversity as differences in social experience that include but are not limited to ethnicity, national origin, geography, religion, gender orientation, learning style, physical ability, family structure and economic status. We believe a diverse and inclusive school community makes us better informed, more compassionate and better prepared to produce positive change in the world.





The next ICC meeting is on Monday, Dec. 11 @ 8:00 a.m. in Kids Korner.



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Below is our monthly newsletter that includes talking points, activities, and books to share as a family.


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 Celebrating Holidays and Traditions 


The International Culture Club calendar is filled with holidays and traditions from cultures all over the world. Students may hear about a tradition during morning announcements, see a display in the Media Center or experience a culture with a special performance or assembly.


For example, students learn about Chinese New Year and Diwali. Students have also learned and taken part in interactive assemblies on Native American instruments and music.  

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The first ICC International Day was held in May of 2019. Since then, seven countries have been highlighted: Australia AU, China CN, France FR, India IN, Mexico MX, South Africa ZA, and Eqypt EG.


Each McGaugh student receives a "passport" that is stamped as they travel from one country to the next on their remarkable journey around the world in one memorable school day.


ICC parent volunteers bring these nations to the McGaugh campus by creating elaborate displays that each student tours with their class. During the event, students learn fascinating facts, sample international treats and participate in interactive performances and exhibits.


The next International Day will be on May 31, 2023. We are excited to announce that the following countries will be highlighted: Netherlands NL, Korea KR, Italy IT, Brazil BR, and Iran IR


Below are some pictures from previous years.  



 Students learn how to make a piñata.



Children watch a Dragon dance performance.



Unique wildlife on display for children to see. 



Students learn an Indian dance popularized in Bollywood movies.



Students tour famous artwork displayed in France, including the Mona Lisa, and learn about French artists.




Children learn about the popular sport of rugby.